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How to CreateElement in JavaScript?

The JavaScript function is all you need to create HTML element. With this function, you can define a unique Web page template and add elements dynamically. But from the beginning of your next HTML5 project, you will have some advantages over traditional ones:

js create element

let myElm = document.createElement("p");// Create a new element

myElm.innerText = 'test';// Change the text of the element = 'red';// Change the text color of the element

document.body.appendChild(myElm);// Add the object to the DOM


create element javascript with id

//adding 'p' tag to body

var tag = document.createElement("p"); // <p></p>

var text = document.createTextNode("TEST TEXT");

tag.appendChild(text); // <p>TEST TEXT</p>

var element = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];

element.appendChild(tag); // <body> <p>TEST TEXT</p> </body>



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